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Year: 2019

Medium: video (00”45), paintings (oil on paper), sound recordings (17”00), furniture, books, plants, prints on paper, holographic badges.    

Performers: Biba Cole, Greta Desirèe Facchinato, Raquel Sánchez Gálvez, Charlotte Kuyvenhoven, and Anne-Florence Neveu. 

Sound Engineer: Görkem Arıkan.

Special Thanks: Adele Disquale, Linda Trouborst, and Niels Vonk Noordegraaf


While walking into the exhibition space, visitors find themselves walking into a promotional event of a business called, a pre-apocalypse consultancy which helps clients to plan their itinerary on the last day before the end of the world. They are greeted by one of the two performers, who function as promoters. One of them, in a slightly transgressive manner as an ambitious sales-person, tries to get visitors to sit down at the cozy, pinterest-themed sitting corner to fill in a questionnaire, in exchange for a “suggested itinerary” of their last day; Other visitors encounter a cool-looking promoter, who asks them ‘would you like to smoke a cigarette? An imaginary cigarette, the very last one before the end of the world’. They will then be led to sit down in front of an abstract painting of spectrum and listen to a guided meditation recording, not only about how to smoke that very last cigarette, but also about how the present related to the past and future.

Photos: Arthur Cordier, Mari Kolcheva

Promotional video.

Leaflets (holographic prints on Paper), staff identify cards (Oil on Paper), holographic badges.

Performers who act as promoters.

Business promotional area. (Painting, plants, furniture, books)

Performer, who acts as a promoter, filling out a questionnaire with a visitor.

Filling out a questionnaire.

Details of the questionnaire.

Guided meditation recording on how to smoke the last cigarette before the end of the world.

Painting (oil on paper) on metal rob, functions as an object of meditation.

The book of questionnaires.

Painting (oil on paper).

Meditation area with chair and painting.

Plants on top of books.

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