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Medium: Full HD Video with Sound
Duration: 17'30"

When authorities edit history to suit their needs, it is then our responsibility to remember the past. To remember, as well as to mourn, can be an act of resistance.

Employing the technique and language of hypnotherapy, this film attempts to fight state-induced amnesia on the subconsciousness level. Subconsciousness, of course, is the battleground of ideologies. Viewers are guided to imagine themselves as various flowers throughout history: opium poppies in the 19th centuries India, rhododendrons in 1922’s Hong Kong when Prince Edward was visiting, Xinjiang cotton flowers, mass-produced plastic flowers, and mourning flowers on the street back in 2014’s Ukraine.

And not only is the past needed to be accounted for -- all those true stories which are being erased, denied or forgotten at the present – should also be acknowledged.

“Do not lose, never forget”.


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