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Medium: Vodka, Kahlúa, Coffee Liqueur, Cream, Breast Milk, Ice CubeDuration: While Stock LastYear: 2017
Year: 2017


In a one-off art intervention event in a local pub, the artist makes a special edition of White Russian with her own breast milk. She would walk around and ask people randomly, ‘Would you like to have a glass of White Russian, with my breast milk in it?’. If the answer is yes, a breast milk cocktail will be served for the visitor to drink.

Participants are thrown into a situation where they have to reflect upon the questions at hand and make an honest decision. Those who reject would have to face the gut feeling of disgust and may be triggered to think about issues such as industrialization of food production, motherhood, human fluid, sexualization of female bodies, and hidden economy of artistic production. Those who say yes and drink the cocktail, congratulations and welcome to join the cult.

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